Oscilloscopes, also called Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSOs) or Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSOs), are a common type of test instrument used to capture, analyze, and troubleshoot electrical or real world physical signals. Oscilloscopes observe the change of electrical signals over time, continuously graphed on a display as voltage or amplitude vs. time. During observation, oscilloscopes can analyze waveforms parametrically (i.e. frequency, RMS, peak-to-peak amplitude, rise time, etc.) Non-electrical signals, especially mechatronic signals such as vibration, strain, temperature, or current can be converted to voltages and displayed.

Yokogawa oscilloscopes deliver a range of bandwidths, the world’s only eight channel and sixteen channel (plus logic) oscilloscopes, unparalleled suites of triggers and signal analysis, and a unique ability to save multiple triggered-events to “History” memory.

Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

A mixed signal oscilloscope is an instrument enabling the simultaneous, time correlated observations and analysis of analog with digital (logic) signals, to establish causal relationships between the various areas of a device’s electronics. They are purpose-built tools for troubleshooting electrical anomalies, measuring parametric values, and monitoring cause and effect relationships between signals.


A ScopeCorder is an instrument combining a mixed signal oscilloscope and portable data acquisition recorder into a modular platform designed to capture both high-speed transients and low-speed trends. Yokogawa’s ScopeCorder product family provides flexible and high-performance multi-channel test instruments by combining a variety of signal conditioning input modules, onboard calculations, and deep data acquisition storage into an off-the-shelf data acquisition solution.

Oscilloscopes Application Software

View, export, analyze, and manage your data using Yokogawa’s oscilloscope application software.

Voltage Probes

An oscilloscope is only as good as its probes. Our range includes high voltage, differential, active, low capacitance, and passive types, with ranges to 30kV and frequency bandwidths to 5 GHz.

Current Probes

Current probes allow you to measure DC or AC current. Yokogawa’s selection of current probes allow measurements ranges up to 500 ARMS and bandwidths up to 100MHz.

Current Probes

Logic probes allow you to capture signals using the logic portion of a mixed signal instrument. Yokogawa offers low and high voltage, isolated and non-isolated logic probes.

Oscilloscope Accessories

Oscilloscopes accessories include probe stands, cables, cases, various adaptors and more.

Touch Screen GP10/GP20

SMARTDAC+TM GP10/GP20 is a paperless recorder that provides intuitive, human-centric design, web-enabled functionality, and scalable architecture.

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