Helping to Create More Durable and Reliable Off-Highway Vehicles

Construction vehicles, farming vehicles and other off-highway machines experience punishing duty cycles. Bulldozers, for example, are subject to near-constant use during warm-weather months, and agricultural combines must operate around the clock for weeks at a time during harvest. Consequently, operators require the highest levels of reliability from their off-highway vehicles, making durability a major concern for the vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers.

To develop the most durable and reliable models possible, many off-road vehicle manufacturers and suppliers depend on the accuracy, repeatability and speed of mechanical testing and simulation in the test laboratory.

Whether you’re performing standard durability tests on full vehicles and subsystems or evaluating the performance of components and parts, MTS delivers the tools, expertise and global support you need to gain accurate insight into how off-road vehicles and components will ultimately perform in their real-world environment. You will be well equipped to bring better designs to market with greater speed and cost-efficiency.

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