Electric Motors and Drives

High-Performance Electric Motors for Automotive Applications

Many engineers know that MTS provides mechanical testing solutions for electric vehicles and their components, but they may not know that MTS has developed a range of high-performing electric motors of minimal weight and high power density. The development of these motors grew out of testing applications for which MTS had to make motors that would mimic the behavior of an IC engine or simulate the dynamics of tire testing.

The approach to electric motor and drive development is similar to the creation of world-class test and simulation solutions. Expert consultants apply state-of-the-art simulation methods to analyze applications in detail to propose the appropriate motor, controls and software solution. Then the dedicated in-house design, manufacturing and testing resources enable rapid motor development and validation to specified requirements.

MTS currently is a supplier to Formula 1, World Endurance Championship and Formula E Teams for motors and controls, and is expanding the electric motor and drive offering for automotive Tier 1 and OEM applications. The technology lends itself to hybrid (e-turbo, e-booster, traction drive, and brake energy recuperation) and pure electric drive applications.

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