Generators ,Sources

Easily generate standard and custom waveforms, calibrate instruments with precision, and achieve high accuracy results with our high performance generators and sources.

Yokogawa offers a range of devices including source measure units,  function/arbitrary waveform generators, and AC/DC calibrators and standards. Our sources and generators can be used for general purpose standalone applications or as core components in an integrated test and measurement platform.

Trusted by engineers for their accuracy, intuitive operation, and reliability, Yokogawa generators and sources simplify the testing process by integrating source and measurement into a single unit, allowing for quick and easy characterization of semiconductor devices, clamp-on testers, panel meters, power meters, batteries, and dataloggers .

Source Measure Units

A Source Measurement Unit (SMU) is a flexible test instrument which is capable of both sourcing and measuring voltage and/or current at the same time.

Programmable DC Sources

Yokogawa’s instruments go beyond conventional options. They are highly accurate, highly functional with programmable voltage/current source that incorporates voltage/current generation for a broader application.

Function Generators

Yokogawa’s Function Generators easily generate basic, application specific and arbitrary waveforms.

Voltage and Current Calibrators and Standards

The simple, standalone solution for calibrating clamp on testers, power meters, multimeters, current transformers, and analog and digital panel meters.

Digital Multimeters

 Featuring high accuracy, excellent stability, and linearity, Yokogawa’s digital multimeters are to perfect choice for applications ranging from simple verification to large-scale troubleshooting.

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