Maximize Wind Turbine Reliability

Wind holds tremendous potential as a clean, renewable energy source. Maximizing the long-term reliability of wind turbines is critical to the creation of a sustainable, economically viable global wind power infrastructure.

Wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers who successfully optimize designs to minimize costs and maximize uptime will emerge as industry leaders. To do this requires a thorough understanding of the performance and durability characteristics of wind turbine materials, components and structures.

As the world’s premier test and simulation solutions provider, MTS is uniquely qualified to meet the wind industry’s growing mechanical testing needs. We deliver an unmatched combination of systems integration expertise, leading technology for multiaxial testing and global support. Our vast knowledge in applying precise forces and motion to large, cumbersome specimens in other industries translates perfectly to wind turbine development, so we can help you reach your objectives faster and at a lower cost. MTS also offers extensive facilities planning services to help you make sound logistical decisions at the outset and keep your program on the path to growth and success.

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