Ensure Dependable, Reliable Tidal Power

Tidal power offers tremendous promise as a clean, renewable and literally unlimited energy source. Driven by technology innovations in underwater turbine design, this sector is seeing a decline in traditionally high operating costs and a rise in opportunity for forward-thinking energy companies that understand its unique dynamics.

Durable equipment will be the linchpin of successful tidal power operations. Submerged turbines must be able to handle powerful natural currents and constant exposure to corrosive seawater. Realistic simulation of these forces and operating conditions will be critical for advancing the design of turbines that deliver the reliability, durability and performance required to achieve long-term economic viability.

Look to MTS for a skilled partner in precise mechanical testing and simulation. Building on decades of customer success in energy and power generation, MTS understands how to design and equip your lab to perform static and fatigue tests on large-scale rotor sections of axial turbines, crossflow turbine components, oscillating devices and related structures. Depend on MTS to deliver the combination of testing expertise, leading technology and global service required to help you maximize durability, accelerate development and bring new products to market faster than competitors.

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