Increase the Durability of Solar Panels and Arrays

Solar power offers a clean, renewable way to meet globally rising demand for energy. Using photovoltaic cells in these applications requires extreme durability. Wafer-based silicon cells are brittle, and must be protected during manufacturing, transportation, installation and usage. Panels must also withstand exposure to wind vibration, accumulated snow, the impact of hail and moisture that can corrode metal contacts.

To improve performance and lengthen the life span of solar panels and larger arrays, manufacturers are constantly improving the photovoltaic cells and materials, deposition methods and substrates, as well as panel frames and mounting structures. All of these must be rigorously tested to optimize the final design.

MTS is the ideal partner for manufacturers developing the next generation of solar energy technologies. We bring the expertise, leading technologies and global support you need to characterize the performance and durability of panel components and constituent materials. Whether you need to bend the entire panel assembly, measure the impact of hail, monitor deformation effects on enclosed glass panels, or perform fatigue tests that simulate wind vibration, MTS can help you achieve reliable, repeatable results.

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