Generate Nuclear Power More Efficiently

Many countries rely heavily on nuclear power to meet their energy needs. To make the most of this clean and renewable source of electricity, researchers are constantly developing new ways to harness more of the enormous amounts of energy released by nuclear fission. Although methods vary, these innovations typically require nuclear power plant systems to perform reliably at increasingly high temperatures and pressures.

Meeting these challenges requires a deep understanding of the thermal performance and durability characteristics of the materials, components and structures used to convert superheated steam into electricity. Such insights are best gained through mechanical testing, which involves precise generation and stable control of mechanical forces and motions applied to a wide variety of specimen types and sizes — from massive concrete columns to razor-thin thermal barrier coatings.

Drawing on decades of experience, technology leadership and an unmatched global support network, MTS can help you perform highly accurate and repeatable mechanical testing in a wide range of nuclear power applications. Our solutions equip you to precisely characterize steam turbines, components and materials that must withstand extremely high temperatures in nuclear power plants. We can also help you ensure that every system and structure at your facility is built to withstand a major seismic event.

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