Expedite Exploration and Production of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal power is clean, reliable and almost inconceivably abundant. Drilling and exploration for geothermal resources, however, remains extremely expensive. This difficult and risky work involves the orchestration of large equipment in extremely inhospitable environments where high pressures, temperatures and forces are the norm.

To succeed, geothermal energy companies must have a precise understanding of the geomaterials found in traditional areas near tectonic plate boundaries, as well as in areas that show potential for hosting enhanced geothermal systems. Absolute confidence in the design, durability and reliability of equipment and structures is also essential. Both of these challenges can be met with mechanical testing that effectively simulates actual operating environments.

As the longtime industry leader in test and simulation solutions, MTS is an ideal partner for geothermal energy producers. We are uniquely positioned to provide the expertise, precision technology and global support required to perform accurate, repeatable mechanical testing of both geomaterials and the equipment and structures used in geothermal drilling and extraction. Working with MTS enables you to pursue new resources with speed and confidence and compete more effectively in a growing market.

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