Optimize Fossil Fuels Exploration, Production and Power Generation

To satisfy strong global demand, energy companies are extending fossil fuel exploration and recovery efforts to increasingly remote and challenging environments. There is also a push to convert fossil fuels to electricity more cleanly and efficiently, which requires power plant equipment to operate at higher temperatures over a longer service life.

Meeting these challenges requires a working knowledge of the geomaterials encountered in unexplored regions, along with a deep understanding of the performance and durability characteristics of the equipment and structures used to reach and recover resources. Gaining these insights requires precise application and control of mechanical force and motion in the test lab, along with realistic simulation of extreme operating conditions.

MTS provides the knowledge, technology leadership and global support necessary to help energy companies perform accurate, repeatable mechanical testing of geomaterials and drilling and mining components and structures. Our solutions also help characterize components and materials used in steam turbines, gas turbines, pipes, valves and pressure vessels that must endure temperature extremes in power plants. When you choose MTS, you will be well equipped to pursue the most promising new fossil fuel resources with speed and confidence, and convert these fuels into energy with optimal efficiency.


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