Advancing the Development of Biomedical Components, Tools and Packaging

Medical machines, procedures and fluid delivery systems are only as strong as the weakest component incorporated into their designs. That’s why suppliers of these products must conduct thorough durability and performance evaluations for every item they produce.

Demand has never been higher for disposable, single-use items such as gloves, bandages, needles and packaging, as well as for single-purpose items such as tubing, wires and surgical tools. In response, manufacturers of these products must find new ways to reduce development costs while upholding the highest levels of product performance and reliability.

MTS delivers the expertise, technology and support you need to characterize biomedical components, tools and packaging with absolute precision and efficiency. The MTS Bionix® family of test systems delivers a full range of capabilities and force capacities required to help you conduct more thorough testing more quickly and at an earlier stage of development.

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