Enabling Successful Space Launches

Every venture into space is a costly and high-profile one. Success or failure is evident. Before any project gets off the ground, manufacturers of aerospace structures and launch vehicles must be certain that every material, component, subsystem and structure used in their designs meets the highest standards for performance and durability.

Achieving such certainty requires highly sophisticated static and dynamic testing, through the precise replication of the high forces and extreme operating environments under which space structures must perform. Test engineers must not only apply accurate loads and control high channel counts, but must also have the ability to effectively manage and glean actionable insight from immense amounts of test data.

As the world’s leading aerospace testing solutions provider, MTS delivers the technology, expertise and global support you need to test space structures and launch vehicles with confidence. We’re intimately familiar with the requirements unique to evaluating large structures designed to travel at high speeds and under tremendous forces, and we offer the world’s most advanced solutions to help you complete your testing as accurately and productively as possible.

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