Optimizing Aircraft Interior Component and Material Testing

These are not your ordinary seats, panels and fabrics. They are intended for use in aircraft, which means they must adhere to exacting aviation industry standards for safety and durability. To meet these demands, test professionals must subject every aircraft interior material and component to rigorous testing, in order to acquire test data that proves each product’s compliance with standards and suitability for its intended purpose.

Meanwhile, as aircraft manufacturers continue seeking new ways to reduce costs and get better designs to the marketplace, it’s a race to the market for interior component and material manufacturers, who must find a way to create products that cost less and require less time to produce, while upholding the highest performance levels.

Whether you’re performing impact or fatigue testing on aircraft seats or characterizing fabrics, polymers and other materials, MTS offers the expertise, technology and global support required to help get higher-quality, standards-compliant products to market with greater speed and cost-efficiency.

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