Helping Higher-Performing Helicopters Take Flight

New materials and design innovations have fueled the development of more agile, lightweight and rugged rotary-wing aircraft. Helicopters are expected to provide exceptional performance over a longer service life in increasingly hostile operating environments, creating new demands for characterizing the durability and performance of structures, components and materials.

Test engineers must apply increasingly complex control algorithms — and higher channel counts — to accurately simulate the high-force, multiaxial, high-frequency rotation of helicopter blades, along with the high forces placed on the structure beneath the blades when the aircraft is in flight. This requires versatile test solutions capable of supporting reliable, repeatable static and fatigue evaluations for everything from rotors and blocks to full-scale rotorcraft structures.

Whether you serve the military industry, civilian industry or both, and whether you’re updating an existing process or adding new capabilities to your testing, nobody can address your helicopter testing needs better than MTS. Our unmatched technology, test knowledge and system integration expertise can help you get stronger, more durable designs to market first.

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