Accelerating Aircraft Engine Innovation

Today’s aircraft engine manufacturers strive to develop more powerful and lightweight designs that burn hotter, quieter and cleaner. However, simulating the extreme loads, motions and temperatures necessary to develop such designs can be a complex and costly endeavor.

MTS provides the most advanced technology available for accurately simulating real-world aircraft engine forces, motions and operating temperatures in a test lab environment. Our planar biaxial testing technology lets you to apply up to six active channels of force and torque control, giving you three degrees of freedom to precisely generate loads. You can further replicate real-world conditions with environmental simulation of temperatures up to 750˚C. Additionally, our Electric Motor Powered Aero-engine Simulation (EMPAS) enables more efficient and cost-effective generation of high-fidelity wind tunnel testing data.

By partnering with MTS, you’ll have a simple and affordable means of generating more comprehensive and accurate test results in less time and for less money.

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